Exterior Paint Correction

Clay Bar

Safely remove all bonded contaminant's from you cars paint. Making it smooth as glass. It is very important that you get your car clay bared before any wax, sealent, compound or polish etc if not done so with in the last 6 months not doing so will prevent you from getting the look your trying to achieve and prevent the wax sealer etc from doing its job. Ask for more details.

Full Throttle Cut & Polish

Cost depends on size of vehicle and condition

In this service, your car gets a heavy paint defect leveling cream to help remove swirls minor to moderate scratches then, your car gets a Finnishing polish to remove swirls from compounding, and removes marring and holograms leaving a bold high gloss to your paint. Cost depends on size of vehicle and condition

Full Throttle Single Stage Polish

This is a all in one paint correction system. Removing light to moderate scratches, cleans the paint, has zero filler, leaves depth to the paint with a great shine, crystal clear reflection and 3-6 months of protection.

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