Interior Services

Full Throttle Interior Detail

Welcome to your nice new detailed interior. We take so much pride in your vehicle after all it is my passion. Full Throttle detailing only uses top of the line towels ,bushes cleaners , conditioners blowers with filtered air for your cars interior. This is what you get:
All interior doors, pockets , dash , cup holders , console, knobs and buttons, steering wheel, all interior glass, vents blown out with filtered air, seats vacuumed, seats shampooed, leather seats cleaned and conditioned / coated, with Feynlab Leather Treatment, carpets vacuumed and shampooed, cracks and. Crevices blown and brushed out, the interior and all doors get sanitized and cleaned with steam. Carpet mats shampooed and sanitized / cleaned with steam. All dash console and all other plastic , vinyl get protected with the Feynlab Treatment conditioner / coating that is used on your leather seats. The trunk also gets vacuumed shampooed steam cleaned and any complements cleaned, Rubber mats get cleaned as well. Also don’t forget your car gets fully washed with a Feynlab wash , vehicle gets, washed , dried , exterior windows, wheels cleaned and tires dressed and door jams wiped dry.

Pricing varies from car to car and every vehicle is different size and cleanliness, we do have a starting point available for most vehicles. Please have have all personal items and trash removed from the vehicle that can’t be vacuumed up.

This service does not include the ceiling. Degreasing or door jams and removal of tree sap are not included in the basic wash the removal is extra cost.

Ceilings are extra and not included with this service but is with the Interior Detail supreme.

Full Throttle Interior Detail Supreme

The Full Throttle Interior Detail Supreme is our highest level interior detail Your interior is completely detailed on the inside but we go to the next level for protection and style. Your dash and all panels are protected with treatment that leaves them with that new look is non greasy so it won’t attract dust and is protected from uv rays, lasts 6-12 months your leather seats are treated with a conditioner / coating to leave seats soft and protected for 6-8 months with easier cleaning ability, all your decorative trim and console truly is polished to remove any light scratches and swirls and is then coated with ceramic lite a minimum of one year protection and deep shine. Your carpets and cloths seats get a textile coating for the ultimate water telling and lasts 4-8 months depending on traffic on the area’s.

The ceiling also gets spot cleaned or delicately shampooed with this supreme service.

Finally the exterior is washed with a water based ceramic wash and is followed up a water based ceramic detail spray to leave a deep rich shine with a slick feel to the paint and added hydrophobic capabilities.

Leather Conditioning

Includes seats use of leather cleaner followed by treatment

At Full Throttle Detailing, we are proud to provide the best vehicle detailing in Burlington.
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