Feynlab Wash was primarily engineered to remove stubborn dirt and grime from vehicle surfaces, adding a durable layer of ceramic protection to surfaces. FENYLAB's revolutionary water based ceramic suspension formula, enables WASH to add a glossy and durable layer of ceramic protection to painted and glass surfaces

Wash is an excellent vehicle maintenance product and surface protection -- rolled into one.

When used regularly on uncoated vehicles, WASH lays down a layer of FEYNLAB's Ceramic technology. With successive washes, this glossy protective layer builds up to a significant amount of Ceramic protection on the surface. The Ceramic Layer deposited by Wash is not as Hydrophobic as most of the coatings, hence it is recommended to use Ceramic protection on the surface.

Wash also works exceptionally well on automotive glass and will leave a high level of gloss while creating impressive water sheeting and beading

Safe for use on all vehicle exterior surfaces: paint plastic, metal, glass, carbon fiber etc.

Product Benefits:

  • A heavy foaming car shampoo which deep cleanses vehicles with Smart Surfactant and Encapsulation Technology
  • Gloss Enhancing Ceramic protection that bonds to painted, plastic and glass surfaces.
  • Safe for all Vehicle Exterior Surfaces: Paint, Plastic, Rubber, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Ceramic Brakes, Anodized Aluminum, Etc.
  • The protective ceramic layer on the surface builds up over time with successive washes.
  • Excellent Adhesion & Water Repellent Properties on Glass
  • Much more durable product for "Wash & Wax" or "Clay & Spray" type Services

Full Throttle Waterless Car Wash

The waterless wash is for people who do not have access to water or want to be as green friendly as possible with not an excessive amount of dirt on the vehicle. Waterless car wash is also great for wrapped vehicles and leaves an almost waxed feel to any paint or wrapped vehicle.

Rinse Free wash

Rinse Free Wash is another water saving wash method I use two buckets one with the cleaning solution and one with clean water as my mitt wash bucket. This wash uses advanced polymers penetrate and safely remove dirt and road grime from your vehicle leaving a great clean and shine.

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